Model Ship


You Dream it, We make it.

For years, we’ve been providing creative souls with the advice and supplies they need to create masterpieces. Now, we are embarking on a new adventure to provide bespoke custom accessories, specialising in game-inspired designs and products.

Even though BANGA is a new business venture, we are already planning ahead to produce more products to improve our already expansive selection and provide even further customisation.

If there’s something you can’t find on our listing, please let us know - as bespoke orders are our speciality!

Feel free to reach out with any queries, we’re always happy to help!

Toy Train


Let Your Creativity Flow

We have a few machines capable of creating truly unique requests; here is what we have so far:

Ender 3:

[Micro Swiss, Direct Drive Extruder modified ](FDM PLA, ABS), 220mmx220mmx250mm

Elegoo mars (SLA Resin),115mmx65mmx150mm Printing area

Anycubic Photon Mono 4K (SLA Resin), 192mmx120mmx250mm Printing area

K40 laser engraver/cutter (40 Watts) A4  cutting area (many materials PLY, MDF, acrylic)

Liquid resin + silicon moulding plus various powders and inks

Reclaimed Timber and small hobbyist woodworking

(We at BANGA bring our waste down to as little as possible)

Black Drone


Things we could do, If YOU want us to

Drone components that are expected to break frequently or often, the drone racer enthusiast knows what we are talking about, sure it is not carbon fibre but PLA in exotic colours at an affordable price who can argue

Or the model railway Community restoring nostalgic settings of the times of the old steam engines tunnels, tracks and terrain

RPG enthusiasts who want to take their games to another level with custom characters, gruelling monsters or things to make your games easier to track or organise for that full immersion

Finally, the last group of enthusiastic people we want to approach are the nerfers, who doesn't want an all-out nerf war everything from mods to full auto nerf guns in those beautiful bright colours


Most Engravings or laser works begin as cardboard 3mm; showcased to the client unless they have chosen the "surprise me" option, this does several things.

  • Firstly I can see how long the job will take and then I can update the client,

  • The client can adjust or make final requests (sign off the prototype)

  • Minimises waste of quality materials



I currently have 7 3d printers

The elegoo and anycubic mono X uses liquid resin and prints in any one single colour the fan favourite is the transparent green resin mine too as the resin cures with UV light so transparency helps, SLA printers are the kings of quality however the downfall is the fragile nature of the material (glass-like) so not advised to give a model to a young child

The ender's uses filament and the prints are really tough (I advise do NOT use in regular use applications)

The pros:

  • There are plentiful choices of materials with just as much creativity as you can throw at it, if I don't have the material, and its viable, ill generally order it in (e.g. requested glow in the dark green filament so I bought a new 1kg spool)

  • The material is cheap therefore cost of 3d "production" is reduced

  • PLA is really strong generic plastic the only material I cannot print on this machine is TPU (flexibles)

The drawbacks:

  • It is really slow to print

  • Clean up is hard (removal of support material)

  • there are apparent print lines as each layer adheres to the previous (print lines)

resin printers.jpg